23 March 2010

Immediate SAT restarts?

Filed under: Commentary,Question — András Salamon @ 20:28

SAT solvers have been moving to more frequent restarts. Can restarts completely replace local search? (more…)


8 March 2010

Invisible hand, just behind this curtain here

Filed under: Commentary — András Salamon @ 20:38

Adam Smith‘s Invisible Hand of the Markets has gained a hand-hold in the meme pool. Yet, something is clearly missing, (more…)

6 March 2010

Information asymmetry

Filed under: Commentary — András Salamon @ 16:14

Rahul Santhanam suggested I re-read the recent paper by Arora, Barak, Brunnermeier, and Ge on information asymmetry in financial products, presented at ICS2010. (more…)

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